(Acts 14:20-21)  

Southeast of Lystra some thirty miles distance was the small town of Derbe. In the Lycaonian District, this town was at the extreme edge of cities considered “Galatian”. The town was small, but the work of Paul and Barnabas yielded a number of followers. Among them, Gaius was converted and much later joined Paul’s team on the Third Mission Journey (cp. Acts 20:4).  

Following the strengthening that no doubt resulted from the encouragement of the growth in the movement at Derbe, Paul and Barnabas journeyed back to Lystra and Iconium (45 miles northwest), in spite of their prior reception (Acts 14:21-22) and strengthened the small flock of believers in each place. Paul and Silas made their way to Derbe on the Second Journey (Acts 16:1).  

Attempts to locate the exact site of the ancient village have been attempted by M. Balance in 1956 and 1964. His identification favors a small outcropping four kilometers south east of Kerti Huyuk.