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Mini Category
Age limit 7-12
Sizes Axle Weight : 900m+/-5mm
Total Length : 1650mm maximum
Pipes : 288 mm
Engine : Comer (s 60) type 60 cc two timed engine can be used donated with march, ignition, clutch, carburetor, air filter and standard egzost silencer, no modification is acceptable on these parts. Only modification available on engine is to modify the rate of pressing. It is prohibited that to modify any part of Tillostson HL 1660 B type carburetor. Carburetor can be modified by using and repairing it's original parts. And engine can be modified by replacing original parts with extra parts. It is forbidden to modify any used part. To protect carburetor from humid, a protector can be used at any climate. Rims can be a pair aluminium construction or aluminium casting.
Wheels Vega front 10x4.00-5.00-5 Vega standard Same tyre types are used on dry and wet ground.
Weight Go-kart, driver (includes helmet and other materials) must be minimum 90 Kg.
Plates white numbers on blue ground.

Junior Category
Age limit 13-15
Engine must be licensed from CIK, and it must be air-cooled, one cylinder, and mass production. Usage of any kind of "power valve" systems are prohibited. Maximum cylinder capacity must be 100 cc. "Pistonport" engines which are going to be used must be : Cylinder must be formed with anchor, not with chrome. The whole sizes of piston must be united with the size of CIK homologation plug. Any kind of palting is permitted. Stroke must be 46.0 mm minimum and 54.5 mm maximum. Butterfly type carburetor must be used.

Weight must be included Go-kart, driver, helmet and material 130 Kg. minimum. Go-kart must be 60 Kg. minimum without fuel.
Rims It's allowed 210 mm width on the back rims.
Tyres Maxxis-SLD" front: 10 x 4.50 - 5, back: 11 x 7.10-5
Plates must be white numbers on a red ground.

Super Category
Age limit is 16. Engines must be homologue, air-cooled. Any kind of 'power valve' systems are forbidden. Engine which is going to be used must be "1 Rotary valve" type and : -Maximum cylinder capacity is 100 cm3 -Ignition system must fit to CIK rules. -Butterfly type carburettors must be used. -Any kind of an injection system is forbidden.
Weight Go-kart, driver and material must be 140 Kg minimum. Go-kart must be 60 Kg minimum.
Tyres Bridgestone YGB Front: 4.5/10.0-5 Back:
Plates must be black numbers on a yellow ground.