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Karting, called go-kart or kart, is a track racing done with miniature vehicles which are very small, fuel or air- cooled, back-engined, four-wheeled. Karting is the base of motor sports and it is considered as the little brother of track races. Karting is exploding in popularity both in the U.S. and around the world, and it represents one of the best forms of amateur racing to become involved in. Go-kart came out as a result of the studies aimed to reuse of old grass-cut machines in USA in 1950s. Following 1960s, karting started to participate in international competitions in England, Australia and Japan. Management of international karting organizations is executed by CIK (International Karting Committee) in Switzerland.


Demir Bükey is the founder and introducer of this sport in Turkey. In mid 1970s, Üst Bostancı Go-kart track started to serve. Towards 1980s, Turkey met with it's first formal track by the formation of Istanbul Karting Club. It came to life again in the leadership of Cem Hakko in 1987 and caught huge popularity with the building of Tuzla Karting Track. Tuzla Karting Track was build in the standards of Europe and has 'C' license to arrange international organizations. First internationnal karting race was in 1988 in Turkey. David Coulthard who participated Formula 1 Championship for Williams Renault in 1995, and for Mclaren 1996 since then, participated to the first international race arranged in Tuzla also.

After the foundation of Istanbul Motorsports Club in 1992, karting organizations in Istanbul has been arranged by IMK. Formal karting races have been doing since 1995 in Körfez Track. Karting track which is located in one part of this track can be used when there is no car race. Turkey Karting Championships Races have been started to arrange in the tracks located in İzmir, Ankara and Adana in 1998. Besides formal races, some marketing karting tracks were build in İstanbul (Topkapı, Büyükçekmece, Tatilya) Adana, Bodrum, Antalya, Alanya, Kuşadası, and Çeşme. Finally, a new karting track started to serve in Bursa, Nilufer.

Karting besides being a nice hobby to have, is also a good base for motor sports. Many ralley and formula pilot have karting base. 1994-1995 Formula1 World Champion Michael Schumacher and his brother Ralf Scumacher are good examples for that. Michael Schumacher, has also a go-kart track which is located in Koln in the international standards.

Karts which you will use also at the begining have one sided engines that are able to produce 5,5-6 HP power and 160 cc. They are only able to reach 75km/s speed but in the track this speed is limited to 40-50 km/s. If you are interested in this sport professionally in Turkey, you have to have a license from Turkey Automobile and Motor Sports Federation. Professional races are done in Tuzla Track, Körfez Track and İzmir Track. Karts are able to reach 120 km/s speed in those kind of races.

If you are an amateur, you do not have to wear a special uniform but you must wear a helmet. Also, your helmet must be settled in your head perfectly, otherwise helmet can rush out from your head during a crash and this may cause a dangerous situation in the rest of the race which is in fact no danger in it. It seems unsatisfactory the speed of the karts at the begining but go-karts are very near to the gorund and that makes you feel going very fast during a race.