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Markers (Guns)





Markers (Guns)...


Goggle System: Apart from guns, the most important accessory in this game are the goggles systems which look like masks. It has been mentioned in the previous chapters that, compared to other team games, paintball is a safe game. The only risk of injury is to the eyes, this is why goggles are worn. Goggels provide you eye, face, ear, and forehead protection. It is difficult to get used to a mask at the beginner level. Paintball goggles must be able to absorb the impact of a paintball moving at 400 feet per second. Many new players assume they can wear ski goggles, tank goggles, shop glasses, sunglasses, or shooting glasses. This assumption is completely erroneous, and therefore extremely dangerous! Paintball goggles are designed to absorb impacts that would shatter other goggles or dislodge them from the wearer's eyes. Paintball goggles are also designed with the game in mind. They have a wider peripheral vision than other styles of goggles.

Many styles can be worn over glasses, but all styles need to have a face and ear mask.There are "thermal" systems available to help prevent goggles from fogging up. You can even get fans to blow in fresh air to help prevent fogging. Goggles also have attached face shields and ear armor, which you are required to wear at most fields. Wearing a goggle is mandatory, you will certainly be disqualified if the eyes get exposed.

Other protective equipment are as follows: gloves, and neck and knee protectors.

Protective nets: This form of protection is not used in Turkey. Nets are used at arena or other inddor fields to protect the audience from coming into contact with paint.

Cronograph: An electronic device used to measure the speed the the paint capsules coming out of the barrel. The internationally recognized safe speed limit is 300 fps, which can be converted as 100 m/sec. A higher speed is highly likely to result in injuries. All paintguns are subject to a chronograph check before, during and after a game. All paintball fields in Turkey use the cronograph while measuring.



Paint Granades:
The paint is pressurized in a plastic tube. As soon as the grenade goes off, an area of five metres will be splattered with paint.

Mines: The "RLM-10B/Paint Mine" is modelled after the DM-8 type landmine.The mine has a 2 ounce paint tube. The trigger system is the same as the DM-8 system. The mine explodes when vertical pressure is exercised. Paint is splattered across an area of 3 metres. The mine can be reloaded and reused. The slogan of the manufacturer is: "We hope you brought a towel!"

Mortars: Another interesting accessory is the mortar. The M1A-TOC model has a calibre of 62 mm and operates with CO2. The firing capacity is 4 shots per minute. The barrel length is 40 inch (that is ca. 1 metre), whereas the overall length of the body, including the barrel, is 45.5 inch (ca. 1.15 m). It weighs 20 kg and is used by three members of a team. Each capsule splatters paint across an area of 2 metres.



APC - Armoured Personnel Carrier: These are real military carriers discarded from the military force. They are generally modified and, thus, have long barrels to shoot paintballs with high calibre.

Hellhound: This is a specialized vehicle designed by Tippmann Pneumatics Co., specifically for the game of paintball. At the front is a "Gattling" type cannon, with 10 barrels, that can fire 50 rounds per second. The ammo loader has a holding capacity of up to 6.000 caqpsules. At the rear is a granade launcher and a paintball gun (Tipmann Side Model 98) on the left, to cover for attacks made to the rear. This great vehicle does even have a winch at the front.