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Probably the most important issue in paintball is the type of battle ground the game is to take place. The atmosphere of the game is determined by the choice of the field. Fields can be broadly divided into two categories: Natural and artificial fields.

a. Natural Fields: Mainly untouched ground with characteristic flora and fauna. This type of ground is difficult to manage, but, still, it is the most preferred field.

b. Artificial Fields: Completely, or partially, man-made fields.

ARENA: The most common name used for artificial fields. Plenty of tires, barrels, and trunks are used as barricades. Positioning of the barricades does not conform to a norm, it is up to the imagination of the designer. The main characteristic of the Arena is that it enables the public to watch the game as an audience. Moreover, it allows players to move faster. These advantages made the arena popular in the 90s, and the popularity continues since.


SPEEDBALL: As a fast game full of adrenaline, speedball is played on a man-made plain decorated with barricades. The game is also known as Combat. Teams usually consist of 3, 5 or 7 players. Since both teams can see each other, the game is played at an extremely fast pace. This type of battle has gained popularity in the 90s and is still preferred by more advanced players. 


SUP'AIRBALL: Also known as Skyball. The field area covers merely a space as wide as a football field. Plastic barrels filled with air are the only barricades within the field. The barricades come in all shapes possible. They can be round, conic, or cyclonic. They are balanced by the water they contain.


INDOOR: These type of fields are, as their name implies, indoor. Derelict factory buildings are the most commonly used indoor battle fields. The fields are decorated with barricades. Indoor fields are not common in most countries. Turkey does not have an indoor field, yet.




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