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Klassis Golf and Country Club

(18 Holes and 9 Holes)

Kemer Golf and Country Club 

(18 Holes and 9 Holes)

 Istanbul Golf Club 

(9 Holes)


Tat Golf Club

(18 Holes and 9 Holes)

Gloria Golf Club

(18 Holes and 9 Holes)

National Golf Club

(18 Holes and 9 Holes)

 Nobilis Golf Club

(18 Holes and 9 Holes)


 Hodja Golf Club

(9 Holes)







 Golf Tourism

GolfOne of the world’s most popular sports, golf, try it this time in Turkey...

Golf tourism is especially important in the world and plays an important role in the tourism sector. While the demand for new golf areas is growing rapidly, climate and geographical location are also becoming very important factors that has to be considered in meeting that demand.

In that respect, Turkey comes up with unequalled assets. Turkey is a country where historical values can be administered without being spoilt. Thank to the temperate climate prevailing in most parts of the country throughout the year, great opportunities await the national and international golfers and potential real-estate owners.

Another attraction is of course the effect of the climate on Turkish people. Always friendly, naive and sympathetic, they offer the traditional Turkish hospitality and kindness to their visitors.

Looking for new locations to play ? Why not try the lovely golf courses in the Turkish Riviera or fascinating Istanbul this time...?

Golf In Turkey

GolfGolf was introduced to Turkey at the end of 1800s. The first golf club was founded in 1895 in İstanbul as “Istanbul Golf Club.” This club had a great role in introducing golf to Turkey. Izmir Bornova Golf Club followed this in 1905, Boğaziçi Bebek Golf Club in 1911 and Ankara Golf Club in 1949. These clubs were affiliated to Tennis Federation, founded in 1926.

The first golf field was built in Maslak district, İstanbul.. This field moved to Levent in 1922, then moved to the Fourth Levent after 1940 before moving to its present place in Harp Academies. The first caddie competition, made in the field of Istanbul Golf Club in Maslak on 22 June 1977. Bulent Cakır ranked the first in the competition.

With the acception of the main targets and principles in the 6th. Five Year Development Plan on 22 Mayıs 1989, golf sports gained a new chance for a rise. Luckily, Ministry of Tourism provided the assignment of golf fields in Antalya and Izmir in 1990. The first professional golf field in Turkey, Istanbul Klassis Golf Country opened in 1994.  National Golf Club and Kemer Country Club followed them in Belek, Antalya. Raif Bilir was appointed to be the chairman to the Golf Federation, founded in 1995.


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