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With the advent of the winter season, interest in winter sports is rising. Turkey has a number of resorts where you can relax and ski or snowboard.
Among these ski resorts, particularly Palandoken and Kartalkaya boast of natural slopes and powdery snow. Uludag is a popular destination, and recommended if you prefer a number of facilities and an agile nightlife. The recently opened Saklikent in the Antalya district is promising as every year more people are choosing to ski at the resort.


Agri - Bubi Dagi
Intermediate to advanced slopes with an average snow height of 1-2 m.
Antalya - Beydaglari
The Saklikent ski resort has a chalet, a caffeteria and a teleski.
Bolu - Kartalkaya
One of the most popular skiing resorts with two hotels and 13 slopes. The longest slope is 400 m.
Bursa - Uludag
The oldest and most popular skiing resort in Turkey with 30 hotels and pensions (public and private), 11 slopes, and lots of facilities. The longest slope is 2000 m.
Erzurum - Palandoken
Loacted only 4 km. from Erzurun city centre, the resort can be reached by using the public buses. There are two hotels, two chairlifts and a teleski.
Kayseri - Erciyes
The resort on the Erciyes Mountain has a chalet and a hotel.
Kastamonu - Ilgaz
The resort is 40 km. from Kastamonu city centre and has chairlift and teleski facilities.
Kars - Sarikamis
The resort on the Camurlu Mountain has two chalets, a hotel and a teleski. The length of the slope is 1.200 m. The height of the snow ranges between 50 - 200 cm.



Agri - Bubi

The Agri Mountain (known as the Ararat) is located 18 km. from the city centre of Agri.
The longest slope is 1227 m. The resort has a lift which can carry up to 600 skiers and a base station.
The amount of snow during the skiing season ranges between 1-2 metres. This resort is recommended only for intermediate or advanced level skiers. The season is between December and April.


Sim-er Hotel
Hotel Code : 698
Category : 3 Star
Contact Number : +90(472) 312 48 42
Fax : +90(472) 31248 43
E-mail : reservation@turktravel.net
Number of Beds : 250
Number of Rooms : 125
Quarter :
District : Doğubeyazıt
City : Ağrı
Country : Turkey
Address : No:13
Single: 65 $
Double: 90 $
Extra Bed:
Phone TV Satellite Shopping Jacuzzi
Air Conditioning WC Restaurant Outdoor Pool
Television Bathroom Bar Indoor Pool
Hair Dryer Minibar Cafe Children's Pool
Music Safety Box Meeting Room Beach
Balcony Ball Room Coiffeure
Conference Hall Dry Cleaning
Play Room Tennis Court
Sports & Recreation Golf
Casino Generator
Turkish Bath Safety Box



Antalya - Saklikent
Situated north east of Bakirli dagi the Beydag mountain range, 50 km north west of Antalya, at a height of 2000 m. Accommodation is available in guest house/chalets and there are restaurants, shops and a supermarket. The best season is from January to April. The resort is quieter than most, without queuing problems. The ski runs are not as long as some of the other resorts.
There two teleski facilities at the resorts.
The skiing resort is between December-March.


Bolu  - Kartalkaya

Kartalkaya ski resort is located 50 km (31 miles) from Bolu, Turkey, in Koroglu National Park. The resort is 80 km (50 miles) from Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Vertical Drop: 700m/2,300', Top Elevation: 2,200m/7,216' Snowboards: Yes, Services: Lodging, ski rentals and lessons. Whilst Kartalkaya lacks the nightlife of Uludag, it is regarded as having better slopes and great powder snow. The slopes are long and offer great runs for skiers and snowboarders alike. It also has much shorter queues for the lifts.
There are two mountain top hotels located at 2000 meters.
The resort has 9 teleskis and 2 lifts.
There are 13 slopes at the centre. The longest slope is 1400 m.
The skiing season is between December-April with average snow height of 250 cm.

  • Great Lift I-II: Length 800 m. The Siyah slope is ideal for intermediate skiers.
  • Yilmaz Demir Slope: To reach this slope you need to enter the Siyah slope. Follow the direction posts and turn right. Suitable for the intermediate to advanced. Yesil Lift: 700 m. Intermediate.
  • Koroglu Lift: Length 1100 m. Intermediate to advanced as there are two slopes. The Efe slope on the left of the lift is steep and difficult.
  • Camcukuru Lift: Lift 600 m. Smal Lift I-II:Length 650 m.. Narin Lift (teleski):Length 1100 m.Intermediate. Nazar Lift (teleski):Length 750 m..
  • Safari Lift (teleski):Length 600 m.There are two slopes, both for the advanced.
  • Doruk Lift (teleski):Length 1050 m.. Chair Lift:Length 1300 m..


Kartal Hotel
Hotel Code : 1366
Category : 4 Star
Contact Number : +90(374) 234 50 05
Fax : +90(374) 234 50 04
E-mail : reservation@turktravel.net
Number of Beds : 600
Number of Rooms : 300
Quarter :
District : Kartalkaya
City : Bolu
Country : Turkey
Address : Kartalkaya Mevkii P.K.:5-14200



Esentepe Hotel
Hotel Code : 532
Category : 3 Star
Contact Number : +90(374) 311 40 80
Fax : +90(374) 311 40 85
E-mail : reservation@turktravel.net
Number of Beds : 169
Number of Rooms : 72
Quarter :
District : Gerede
City : Bolu
Country : Turkey
Address : Pk:14900


Koru Hotel
Hotel Code : 522
Category : 4 Star
Contact Number : +90(374) 225 22 90
Fax : +90(374) 225 28 36
E-mail : reservation@turktravel.net
Number of Beds : 256
Number of Rooms : 128
Quarter :
District : Bolu Dağı
City : Bolu
Country : Turkey
Address : Yeşilköy Bakır Mevkii No:10 Pk. 14001


DorukKaya Hotel
Hotel Code : 530
Category : Apart Hotel
Contact Number : +90(374) 234 50 26
Fax : +90(374) 234 50 25
E-mail : reservation@turktravel.net
Number of Beds : 673
Number of Rooms : 201
Quarter :
District : Kartalkaya
City : Bolu
Country : Turkey
Address : Kartalkaya Mevkii



Bursa - Uludag

12 accomodation belonging to the government, 15 Hotels.
Uludag, being relatively close to Istanbul, is Turkey's largest and most popular ski resort. It is located on the Uludag mountain, that overlooks the city of Bursa. There are slopes which are not too difficult, so it is a great place for beginners. Compared to Turkey's other resorts however, Uludag is overcrowded and overpriced and at peak times, lift queues are long. Some serious skiers may prefer some of the less popular resorts. 140 km (87 miles) from Istanbul, 36 km (22 miles) south of Bursa, Turkey. Travel time from Bursa is about 90 minutes.
Number of slopes at the resort: 11, length of longest slope: 2000 m..
Skiing Season: December-April.

  • Silahli Kuvvetler Charilift: Length: 670 m., Intermediate.
  • Fahri Charilift: Length 750 m.,Intermediate.
  • Kervansaray Charilift: Length 740 m., Intermediate. Beceren
  • Charilift: Length 630 m., Intermediate. Yazici Teleski: Length 670 m. Fatin
  • Tepe Charilift: Length 510 m.. Ergun Charilift: Length 600 m.. Garan Charilift: Length 745 m..Advanced.
  • Belvu Charilift: Length 550 m.. Kusaklikaya
  • Garan Charilift: Length 1700 m.. The longest lift in the resort.
  • Kusaklikaya Teleski: Length 1350 m.. Advanced. Tutyeli
  • Teleski: Length 1450 m.. Advanced. Asim Kurt.
  • Teleski:Length 650 m..Advanced.


Grand Yazici Hotel  Travel Agencies in Bursa
Agaoglu My Resort Uludag Hotel  
Ak Hotel  
Beceren Hotel  
Ergun Hotel  
Ulukardesler Hotel  
Yazici Hotel Regency  
Kervan Saray Uludag Hotel  
Le Chalet Hotel Yazici   



  Erzurum - Palandoken

The city of Erzurum is situated at very high altitude. Just a few minutes drive from the city centre is the ski resort. Some people may take a day to adjust to the altitude. Boasting some long slopes and short queues, Palandoken is a favourite with those who take their skiing seriously. The resort is 4 km. from the Erzurum city centre and can be reached by a private cab.
Although very near, roads are steep.
The resort has 2 chairlifts and a private teleski belonging to the Dedeman Hotel. The base stations of the chairlifts have chalets, and two hotels beloning to the Dedeman complex. The length of the chairlifts are 3227 m. Skiing season is between December-May. Average snow height: 60-120 cm. It is possible to skii continuously for 5 km. from 15 different slopes. No trees at the resort.

  • Public Charilift: Length 3 bin 237 m. This lift reaches the highest station on the resort and is generally used to ski on the Ejder slope. Advanced Level.
  • Dedeman Teleski: Length 3.800 m. The lift reaches almost the summit. The 8 km. long slope is extremely steep. Only for Advanced skiers.
  • Lifts: Bambi Tow Bar 200 m, Vadi Lift 1200 m.
  • Guney Chairlift 1528 m, Ejder Lift 1778 m.
  • Gondol (tele cabin) 3 bin 150 m.
Ski Center Dedeman Palandoken Hotel  Erzurum Seyahat Acentalari
Tourinn Palan Otel


 Kayseri - Erciyes

There are very long slopers for the advanced, as well as ones more suited to beginners. The longest slope is very highly rated by top skiers and snowboarders. This mountain is also prone to fog however. The resort is located on the Erciyes Mountain, 25 km. from the Kayseri city centre.
The resort has three slopes and two tele vagons, one with a length of 1450 m. and a carrying capacity of 900 skiers, the other with a length of 1250 m. and a carrying capacity of 800.

The teleski facilites are 2250 m. long and can carry up to 370 skiers.
There is a chalet and a hotel at the highest point.
Skiing season is between December-April. The average snow height is 50-100.

  • Public Teleski: Two fast lifts to ensure a comfortable journey.
  • Public Teleski Ski, 2 stages: First stage 1550 m., Second stage 1250 m.. Hisarcik Council Teleski:Length 3000 m.
  • Zumrut Teleski:Length 3000 m.. Zümrüt A.Ş.
  • DSI Teleski:Length 3000 m. DSI Baby Lift:Length 600 m.. Dedeman Baby Lift: 300 m..
Altın Saray Otel Travel Agencies in Kayseri



Kastamonu - Ilgaz

The resort is 40 km. from the Kastamonu city centre, on the Ilgaz mountain.
The resort has one double chairlift and one teleski.
The length of the chairlift is 693 m., whereas the length of the teleski is 900 m.
The lower station is at 1850 m., and the upper at 1995 m.
A hotel is located 3 km. from the resort. At 300 m. is a baby lift.
There are two accomodation facilities at the lower base of the chairlift. The skiing season is between December-April, with average snow height of 50-200 cm.
Private means of transport needed to reach the resort.

Ilgaz Dagbasi Apart Hotel Travel Agencies in Kastamonu



                                                                 Kars - Sarikamis

The resort is at the Camurlu Mountain in the Sarikamis town of Kars. It has a teleski with a length of 844 m. and two chalet at the top.
The skiing season is between December-April with average snow height of 50-200 cm.
The length of the slope at the centre is 1200 m.
There are two teleskis in Cibiltepe - Sarikamis.

  • Osman Yuce Teleski: 950 m.
  • Saricam Chairlift: Length 4 bin 700 m. The three slopes are very good, although the advanced are recommended to use the one in the middle.
Toprak Sarikamis Hotel  Travel Agencies in Kars







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