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Transfers / Meeting and Greeting Services... 

Transfer is a transportation service from one point to another. Although it is easily explained, there are many features of this travel product. Basically this term is used for airport hotel or hotel airport transportation but it may occur in other ways also. In a complete Airport (or another point of meeting such as harbors, bus or train station...) transfer service meeting and greeting services are also included.

As most of the arrivals are by plane, the common used transfer is to/from the airport.

An ordinary transfer service include the following : 

1-You are meet at the entering point to Turkey by an English (or requested language) speaking personnel holding your personal or company name on a name board at a convenient place (in front of the exit after the customs area). 

2-Your name and destination is checked.. 

3-You are assisted to the vehicle ready at the exit. Your luggage is carried by the staff (In many transfers portage is not included).  

4-Your luggage is placed in the vehicle by help of the driver.

5-On the way to your hotel (or other), brief information on general issues that might be helpful during your stay is given (See enclosed) 

6-On arrival to your hotel, hotel porters are taking care of your luggage (the general way for three stars and upper class hotels)

7-You are assisted during the check-in procedures.

8-The transfer personnel is responsible to answer all kind of questions and assist you in any problem or request you might have. Just ask or just request... Rates-Book Transfer...

In ordinary transfer service incase there are some other guests arriving with flights fifteen minutes before or after your arrival time, the transfer would be made together. So a fifteen minutes waiting time may occur. In high season the change for this is fifty percent. Incase you book a private transfer you would directly be transferred as the car and staff would be assigned fully for your service.  

On Own

Incase you do not book any transfer service you could do the followings :

1-Take the HAVAS airport bus click for schedule. The PP one way rate between 5-12 USD (depending on tyhe city). The time table and the stop points are mentioned enclosed. Incase you have questions contact us. 

2-Take the yellow colored (Orange in Istanbul airport) Taxi's. Taxi's are most probably cheaper than in your home country. The Approx. KM fee is 50 cents. They all have meters and it is obligated to open the meter. Occasionally the airport taxis may not open their meters, worn the driver and just pay the amount mentioned on the meters. As Turkish money has lots of zero's be sure you are not charged one zero more... Click for Currency Convertor. Tipping in Taxis is not common in Turkey, you pay the amount, often you round it up while paying. Rates-Book Transfer...      

Assistance Only

Enjoyturkey offers the possibility of requesting staff only. In this service we arrange a staff to meet you at the airport and transfer you by taxi or bus on your account (The staff's fee for the bus is also on your account) to your destination point. Our staff will assist you in every matter and give you basic information you might need during your stay. Rates-Book Transfer...


This is the Ordinary Transfer service on private basis. On ordinary transfers incase there are some other guests arriving with flights 15 minutes before or after your arrival time, the transfer would be made together. So a little waiting time may occure. In high season the change for this is  fifty percent. Incase you book a private transfer you would directly be transfered as the car and staff would be assigned fully for your service.  Rates-Book Transfer...


This service is basicly similar to the ordinary transfer service with the difference of seperate porter service, welcome kit and deluxe vehicle (to be selected from the list). Rates-Book Transfer...

Add Ons

On Arrival

Seperate Porter Service  Uniformed personnel 
Meeting Desk In Customs Area (For Groups) Company logo Meeting Board
V.I.P. Vehicles Welcome Kits (Welcome letter, souvenier, post cards, map, book, info kit )
Beverages During Transfer Lagguage Truck Service (For Groups)
Wheel Chair Handicapt Vehicle 
Animated Greeting and Meeting

Girls dressed in traditional clothes offering turkish delights, roses, or other gifts...

Janissary band to meet the group on traditionally basis with music...

In Hotel

Wellcome drink or welcome cocktail (for groups) on arrival  Separate check in desk and area (For groups)
Precheck-in at hotels (For Groups) Gift or Welcome kit distribution to hotel rooms

Rates-Book Transfer...