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Transportation- Turkey

 How can I come to Turkey ? 

Turkey is located on the east end of Europe, west end of Middle east and Asia, North east of the Mediterranean, south of the black sea, east of the Aegean see. Turkey is the piece of land, the peninsula, between Europe and Asia and Middle east... It could be called the bridge between west and east... 

By Air Transportation 

Turkeys' centrally located land has an easy access from both Europe, Asia and the States. Turkey and the main center Istanbul receive planes all around the world and is a stop over point for many airline companies. The best and most suitable "reach Turkey" way is through airlines. Find  more about airline transportation...

By Sea Transport (Ferryboats, Cruises, Yatches)  

Although tree sides of the land is covered by sea, the scheduled ferry transport is limited. You could contact us for the all the possibilities mentioned below ...

Ferryboat from Italy and Greece to Istanbul and Izmir. 

Ferryboat from Sochi (Georgia) to Trabzon. 

Ferryboat from Northern Cyprus to Tasucu (Mersin).

Ferry from Greek islands to Turkey. Samos to Kusadası, Cos to Bodrum... to Ayvalık. 

Hovercraft from Rhodes... 

Cruise Ships docking at Turkish harbors such as Canakkale, Istanbul, Kusadası, Dikili, Dalyan, or Bodrum ... 

By Bus or Car Transportation   

Turkey is reachable through Bulgaria and Greece on the west and Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq and Syria on the east and south direction by car or bus.  

There are packaged bus trips from Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Holland, Germany, Russia, Iran and Georgia. You could contact us for the possibilities... 

By Train Transportation   

Trains are available from Germany through Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria directed to its final destination Istanbul. You could contact us for the possibilities..

Another Train available is departing from Iran with the direction of Ankara. You could contact us for the possibilities..  


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