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Division of Parasol Holidays (TURSAB A 2664) 

Credit Card Information Fax Form
Please print  this form, fill it out completely, and fax it to

+ 90 212 291 07 19

I hereby authorize a charge of __________________ to my  (Visa) (MasterCard)  card.
(You will be billed in Turkish Liras at the current exchange rate)
Please contact us if you do not receive confirmation of our receipt of this fax form within 48 hours of sending it.

Cardholder's Name:
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Guest's Name:
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Card Number:  
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Expiration Date:  
Cardholder's Address:  
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Service Detail:  
Other Information:  
(I the cardholder hereby authorize this charge to my credit card for the services made by enjoyturkey-parasol holidays made under the name of the guest indicated above.)