Eating in Turkey

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Eating in Turkey


Breakfast is very important for the Turkish people. Generally speaking Turkish people do like to have a long breakfast with their famous Turkish Tea, olives and white cheese. In big cities as both man and woman are in business life, they do not spend much time for breakfast and prefer to buy a "simit" , "poğaca" or "börek" on the way to work. 

The Breakfast Menu:  

Turkish Tea: Tea is the unmissable drink in daily life additionally to breakfast. The famous Tea Houses "Kıraathane" or "Kahvehane" are a kind of tradition in the Turkish way of life. "Cay" is drunk in a thinly small tea glass. To hold the glass when the tea is hot, the very upper part of the glass is thick and it is hold with two fingers from this thick part. Many people drink it with sugar and in most cases the sugar is cut in rectangular pieces (Küp Şeker). At homes Tea is cooked in a special pot called "çaydanlık". It is a two piece set where water is boiling in down part and tea is damped in the upper part ("Dem"). According your wish your glass is filled either with dark or light tea. Many Turkish people do prefer dark tea so if you could not drink the dark you need to mention that you wish it light. The best way to tell this is in Turkish : "Açık Çay lutfen " - Light tea please...

White Cheese: The white cheese is mostly a product from the cow or lamb. Rarely you could also face ghost cheese. It has a salty taste and is similar to the feta cheese of the Greek.

Olive: Olive trees grow in the west coats of Turkey. Although they are mostly served black , green olives are also eaten. While olives are served, lemon and olive oil is added. A personal tip : Oregon gives the olives a wonderful taste...       

Honey : Middle Anatolia is the source of honey in Turkey, specially Ankara is famous with its production. The honey is either served fine or just as it is coming out from the bees caves.

Rum Butter and Kaymak : Kaymak is a kind of rum butter that balances the sweet things such as honey or jam. Kaymak is also used together with the Turkish sweets such as Ekmek Kadayıfı, Baklava or Künefe.   

Eski Kaşar : Old yellow cheese is produced all around Turkey where animal husbandry is made. Specially the east cheese is top quality.

Other products on the menu: 

Jam, Salami, Sucuk (Spicy Kind Of Salami), Taze Kaşar (Young Cheese), Jambon, Egg and Omlettes...

Bread : Bread is the main and most consumed product in Turkey. Bread is eaten with every meal and many people even eat bread with macaroni or rice. Although there are different sorts of breads produced the main one is white bread sold in a boat shape leaf.          

Simit : Simit is the famous round and sesamed bread. Many people eat it as breakfast with a piece of cheese and tea. 

Poğaça :Kind of pastry filled with either white cheese, minced meat, potatoes or spinach.

Börek :The famous pastry that has several sorts. Kol Böreği : Long small pieces either with white cheese, minced meat, spinach or empty served with sugar spread over it. Su Böreği : Soft pastry with white cheese. Kırma or Tepsi Böreği: Minced slices of pastry filled either with cheese, or minced meat. 



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