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Health Services in Turkey

Every Turkish working citizen as their employer pays a prima in behalf of them to the state (and wife, husband, children) is automatically secured for health services by the SSK (Social Insurance Association) which is owned by the State. Unfortunately the social security system of Turkey is not able to serve non-working or unofficially working citizens. With a new law that is accepted by the parliament by June 2000, unemployed citizens would be able to get health service if they match the criteria. Turkish citizens who are retired are also able to get health service of the state.

The employers, owners of enterprises do pay a different prim to the government (BAĞKUR) that gives them the right to get health service from state hospitals which are in a little better conditions then SSK hospitals in means of infrastructure and hygiene.

Apart from that, citizens which are able to afford the payments, insure their selves by private health insurance companies that gives the possibility to use the private hospitals. Among many possibilities there are two major sorts. 

1- "Yatarak" : Secures only the cases which ends with a lodging in a hospital. Operations, Emergency care, Big accidents etc. Generally % 100 of the expenses are secured.

2- "Ayakta ve Yatarak" : Secures all health expenses depending on the condition of the insurance which could be set by the customer. Generally the customer has a %20 percent of own risk with lights health care or controls where no hospital lodging take place. All cases where hospital lodging is need are paid in full.    

Private hospitals are open to everybody which could afford the expenses which are high in case compared with the average income of Turkish citizens.

Although the physically health service standard in government owned hospitals seems below average, in private hospitals this level reaches far above international standards in means of infrastructure and expertise. Overall in Turkey the level of expertise and education is quite high and trustful. 

On January 2002, the English health social security system authorities has contacted Turkish health authorities to be able to cure English patients in Turkey. This is just a recent development that proves the educate standards of Turkish hospitals and doctors. (Source Hurriyet Newspaper)