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 Bursa - Green Bursa, the Land of Silk

Bursa, which was selected by UNESCO as the city in Europe which protects its environment in the most original manner and where nature, history, greenery and architecture are unified in an environment of beautiful harmony. The Koza Square in the city reflects one of the most beautiful examples of this wholeness. The mosques around the Koza Square, the Koza Han (Inn), the restored old houses, historical plane trees and surrounding cafes, covered bazaars and fountains, makes one admire Koza Square. Bursa, famous for its silk, towels and thermal baths, is at the same time a large industrial city. In particular, the automotive and textile industries are highly developed.

The Uludag National Park, an ideal center for winter sports with its modern facilities, is located to the south of the city which has many structures from the Ottoman Period. Iznik Lake to the northeast of Bursa is a region of natural beauty. The lake side surroundings are covered by forests and vineyards. Iznik, which was an important settlement center during the Byzantine and Roman Periods, preserved this importance during the Ottoman Period. The most beautiful examples of glazed tiles in the world were made here in the sixteenth century by the Ottoman tile masters. Cekirge is the thermal springs center of Bursa. There are various treatment centers, which have been used since the Byzantine Period, at the Cekirge Thermal Springs Resort.