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Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi

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Konya - A City that is Filled with History Everywhere

Konya Province shelters the oldest and the most precious works of Turkish history. Konya takes its place along with Istanbul, Bursa and Edirne Provinces from the aspect of the richness of the Turkish architectural monuments. The city, which was the capital of the Anatolian Seljuks for more than 200 years, is unique concerning the richness of the architectural works belonging to this period. Mevlana, the famous Turkish philosopher, lived and died here. Mevlana, who was the most humanistic philosopher of all times, stated that success starts with the "Love of Human Beings", and his thoughts have continued to the present. The love for Mevlana is gradually increasing especially in the western countries. The Mevlana Museum is among the most interesting places in the city. In the Museum there are various Korans, vases, musical instruments and carpets belonging to the Seljuks, and various items belonging to the Mevlevis, and under the tomb, which is covered on the exterior with green glazed tiles, are the sarcophagi of Mevlana and his father. The tomb of Sems-i Tebrizi, the teacher and close friend of Mevlana, is covered with an octagonal pyramid and it is located near the Mevlana Museum.