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Rize - A City on Green Ridges

Rize is the greenest pro- vince in Turkey. The province, which is green in every season, is surrounded by mountains and forests. Agriculture occupies the first place in the economic life of the province. When agriculture is mentioned, tea which is the symbol of Rize, comes to mind. The tea plantations are closely lined up on the terraces in the surroundings. At the coast, where there are many tea processing plants, the air smells profusely of tea. At the Tea Festival held in Rize during the summer, the contest for "the best tea grower" is held. Besides tea, every variety of fruit, especially citrus fruits grow in Rize. In recent years, the sowing of kiwi and avocado has been accelerated and successful results have been obtained.

Among the interesting places in the city are the Ataturk Museum, the Islam Pasha Mosque remaining from the sixteenth century, and the Citadel. One can see a panoramic view of Rize with all its beauties from the Ziraat Park, which is to the west of the city. The Kackar Mountains National Park, located to the south of Rize and the slopes of this park facing the north are a realm of natural beauties. It is an ideal place for lovers of mountain climbing and trekking, with its glacier lakes, fast-flowing streams, high plateaus and mountain villages where cheerful people live.