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Sanlıurfa - An Old History Dating Back 9000 Years

Sanliurfa is a museum city that has a history dating back 9000 years. Sanliurfa is where the Prophet Abraham, the genetic father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, was born; where the Prophet Job lived and which was blessed by Jesus is the most sacred city in Turkey. The city, which is preparing itself for the industrial and agricultural renaissance in the twenty-first century, along with the GAP project, has experienced many innovations, especially in the field of tourism, in recent years. Balikli Lake and its environs, which is the focal point of tourism of the city, has been closed to traffic and made green in a planned manner. According to belief, King Nemrut of the region had the Prophet Abraham thrown into a big fire that was lighted here and water emerging from the fire saved the Prophet Abraham from burning. The water transformed into the lake of today and the pieces of wood in the fire transformed into fish in the lake. Around the lake in which hundreds of carp live, there are the Halil Rahman and Rizvaniye Mosques and various recreation facilities. The cave where the Prophet Abraham was born is located in the courtyard of the Mevlid Halil Mosque, to the east of Balikli Lake. The Sanliurfa Citadel, extending in a west to east direction, is located to the south of this sacred area. The old Urfa houses, which are on the northern slope from where this sacred and mystic structure can be viewed panoramically, have been restored and transformed into hotels, pensions and restaurants where the traditional Urfa cuisine can be eaten.