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What Should I Put In My suitcase ?...


photo ©www.corbis.com The most important aspect of intelligent traveling is the issue of  what to take with you. This will determine the size of your luggage, the weight of your load, and the state of your happiness. 

A list of stuff you might want to take is very different from a list of things you can't travel comfortably without. 

Check weather forecast at the destination. Check hotels for hairdryers and toiletries. Check local customs for clothing guidelines.

Below we have collected the main objects you need for packing, skip the ones you are not interested in , you could also print the page and create your own check list for packaging.


Packing List 



Plane Theater Train Bus Boat Event Vouchers Travel Documents (Bring Confirmation numbers and credit card used for purchase) 



Credit Card Travelers Checks Foreign Currency ATM/Debit Card  Wallet (small for travel)  Security Pouch   



Driver's License (International if needed)Valid Passport (Extra Passport Photos) Visa's Copies of important documents   (If you should manage to lose your passport, a photocopy of the main page will make replacing it a lot easier. Similarly for prescriptions, charge/ATM card account numbers, traveler's cheque serial numbers, etc. Of course you'll carry the copies separate from the originals, won't you? It's also a good idea to record the special telephone numbers necessary to deal with the loss of any charge/ATM cards you carry; leaving an additional copy of all this information with a trusted friend back home can save you a lot of long distance calls in case of disaster .) Addresses to embassies




Medical Record/Insurance Card Long Distance Calling Card Air/Car/Hotel Cards and Frequent Flyer Numbers Bank Details Code Numbers Bank Cards 




Laptop Laptop Cable International Dial codes for Internet Laptopbag Disks Files Brief Case Palm Pilot Calendar Alarm Clock Notepad Pen & Pencils Business Address Book Calculator Business cards Scissors Multipurpose tool (e.g., Swiss Army knife)



Walkman CD Player/Cd's Electric Plug Adapters (Different parts of the world use different plugs, so carry adaptors if you have any electric appliances with you.) Converters Micro Cassette Recorder Chargers Earphone




Cell Phone Addresses Book Telephone access numbers Preprinted address labels    Telephone book  Emergency numbers, (Family, holiday documents, emergency numbers of travel agent, airline ticket, reconfirmation office number) 



Camera  Flash Under Water Camera Camcorder Adaptor Film Batteries




Glasses Reading glasses Retainer Glasses Case Spare glasses multipurpose tool  ( screws etc) glasses screwdriver Guide Books Maps Novels, Books Magazines Newspaper Dictionary




Bottled Water Fruit Energy Bar Energy Bar Gum Mints Candy




Ear Plugs Eye Mask Inflatable Pillow




Car keys Spare Car keys  Car Documents  Numbers of car repair Car Accessories




Prescriptions Vitamins Thermometer Band-Aids Motion Sickness Patches Pepto Bismal PMS Pills Aspirin/Tylenol (Aspirin, acetaminophen [Paracetamol], ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, ketoprofen, or whatever, are best (though not most efficiently) carried in their original packaging, especially if you look somewhat "counterculture", and/or expect to meet suspicious border inspectors) Cough Drops Tissues Nasal Spray Lip Balm Antacid Eye Drops Muscle looser Vaccination certificates  Diarrhea Treatment (e.g., Lomotil and/or Cipro)  Studies show that 50% of tourists traveling to developing countries develop "traveler's diarrhea". The two most popular prescription drugs for dealing with this are Lomotil [diphenoxylate atrophine], which essentially blocks your plumbing for a day or two, and Cipro [ciprofloxacin hydrochloride], an antibiotic to kill the bugs that are causing the problem. As with any prescription drug, discuss these with your doctor before taking them. Insect repellent 



Cigarettes  Lighter Playing cards Backgammon Games


(Best to bring travel size and wrap in plastic to prevent leakage)


MOUTH: Toothbrush and Paste Floss Mouth Wash Toothbrush Cap ( A cap for over the brush) Tooth rope Toothpick


HAIR: Brush Comb Gel/Mousse Razor & Blades Shave Cream Hair Dryer Curling Iron Hair Spray Hair jell Hair Rollers Hairclips Bobby Pins Rubber bands Hair bands Bandannas Hair crème After shave 


SHOWER: Shampoo Conditioner Soap (Carry a small hotel-size bar)Shower Gel Body Brush Loofah Shower sandals (flip-flops) Bar soap & container  Bath towel Face cloth


PROTECTION: Face/Body Sunscreen Condoms Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitizer Chap stick Sunglasses  Birth Control Feminine Protection (Sometimes difficult to explain to someone in sign language exactly what it is you want. Also, these items may be different from what you are used to. So carry what you will need.)


BODY: Deodorant Lotion Perfume Nail File Nail Polish Remover Nail Polish Nail clippers (try to find stainless steel ones). Rasp  Nail scissors Tampons Contact Lenses Contact Lenses Holder Contact Lens Solution Cologne  Q-Tips Ear cotton Toilet paper


COSMETICS: Foundations Compact/Powder Blush Eye shadow Mascara Concealer Lip Stick Lip Liner Lip/Eye Pencil Sharpener Tweezers Sponges Brushes Small Mirror  (if possible avoid glass, look for one made of thin Plexiglas or acrylic)


BATH: Bubble Bath Bubble Beads Bubble Salts Candles


FACIAL PRODUCTS: Make-up Remover Facial Cleansers Toner Moisturizer Eye Cream Blemish Cream





SHOES: Dress Shoes Sandals High Healed Flats Boots Walking Smart Casual Sport Slippers for hotel room, bath and beach) Diving palettes Flip Flops Tuxedo Shoes  Shoe shiner Shoe Cleaner Shoe paint  Suet paint  (Wrap Shoes in Plastic)


UNDERWEAR: Socks thick and thin, colored according your clothes) Sport Socks Panties Slips Lingerie Bra's Pantyhose Underwear Boxers Briefs Night dress Pajamas


PANTS: Dress Pants Slacks Corduroys Sweat Pants Capri's


SHIRTS: T-Shirts Long Sleeve Short Sleeve Dress Shirts Sweat Shirts Turtle Neck Tank Tops


DRESS UP: Jacket Gown Dress Tuxedo Blazer Suit


ACCESSORIES: Belts Jewelry (rings, necklace, earrings, watches etc)Handbags Safety Pins Ties Bow Ties Cumber Bun Studs 


SUMMER: Shorts Bikini Towels Visor Flip Flops Swim Suit  Sunglasses Sun hat

WINTER: Hats Gloves/Mittens Scarf Ski Jacket Long Underwear Sweater Boots

BAD WEATHER: Umbrella Rain Coat Jacket Poncho Coat

GYM CLOTHES: Shorts T-Shirts Socks Tennis Shoes Hair Clip



Sewing kit, (Needle, thread, safety pins) Iron you should buy a small travel type iron) Detergent/Laundry soap Laundry Clips Lightweight duffel/laundry bag (A light, strong nylon bag will isolate your dirty laundry until the next washing, and give you a second bag if you want to bring extra stuff on your final flight home.)Hangers ( A couple plastic hangers come in handy for drying clothing when no shower curtain rod, not enough hangers in hotel closet, etc).Universal (flat) sink stopper   ( In lack of anything else, use a rolled sock.) Luggage lock's) (cable?)  Your bag should have zippers designed to be locked with a small padlock.  Flashlight. extra batteries & bulbs  A flashlight (torch) can be surprisingly useful, for navigating dark streets, late night reading, finding your way to the toilet,  Gifts  take something that is typical of your own country.  Think of small items that you can present to people you encounter along the way, especially the children (there is no faster way to endear yourself to the families you meet). Simple immersion heater, thermos, coffee, tea, sugar, spoon Plastic bags, garbage bags  




CAMPING: Tent Sleeping Bag Pillow BBQ Food Water Matches Flashlight


PICNIC: Basket Utensils Napkins Plates Food Drinks Candles Cooler


SPORTS: Fishing Pole Racquets Balls Gloves Sticks Uniform Bats Frisbee


WINTER SPORTS: Skis Poles Snow Board Boots Goggles Ice Skates Stick Helmet


BEACH: Towels Bathing Suit Chair Suntan Lotion Radio Volleyball Kids Toys


Packing Tips ...


Choose hardcover suitcase with wheels and a carryon with wheels similar to the ones the flight crews. Be sure your carryon is within 9 X 14 X 22 inches . 

Place your name, telephone number and address both inside and outside all your luggage. This is absolutely essential if you do not want to lose it forever.

Carry half in carryon, half in partner's bag if traveling with someone. (And half his clothes in your bag.) If one of our bags is lost, we still have half our clothes. This should not happen if you have a carryon, but someone could take off with yours by mistake.

Eliminate items from the list whenever you can , add items if you must, to address your business needs, hobbies, personal interests, etc., but resist the temptation to add non-essentials. If you're thinking "I might need this", you're likely mistaken; if it's "I can't survive without this", you may be right. 

Smart travelers plan to wash clothes during the trip . So one of your evening chores becomes doing the day's laundry .Wash and rinse the clothes (most days, this will only be socks and undergarments) in the sink of your hotel.  Rolling wet clothes in a towel, and wringing the towel tightly (with clothes inside), is an old traveler's trick to extract water and thus considerably speed the drying process. Then hang the garments some where in your room or the balcony. Of course you can also use the laundry service of your hotel, preinform the exact time that your clothes would be ready. Tell the exact time you are leaving so they understand the urgency.

Minimize clothing by selecting one or two color scheme. Choose fabrics carefully: natural fabrics can be cooler, but wrinkle more easily , dry more slowly, and are generally heavier than synthetics. Knitted fabrics are less prone to creasing. Choose only comfortable clothing that can be coordinated in different ways. Include shawls and scarves as wardrobe extenders. 

Pack heavy items, such as shoes and toiletry kits before the more delicate ones. Place them along the suitcase's spine to balance weight at the bottom. 

To reduce wrinkling, turn jackets inside out and fold them in half with tissue paper or dry-cleaning bags. 

Stuff socks and rolled-up belts into shoes to save space. 

Take along plastic bags for laundry or wet swimsuits. 

Hang clothing in the bathroom while showering to steam out wrinkles. (Most electric gadgets can't build up enough steam to smooth rumpled garments.) 

People over pack because of timidity and fear of the unknown, both largely results of inexperience. This page and list is prepared out of numerous travel experience. We hope it will help and assist you...